access your music

Accessing your music does not need to be a hurdle any more. You do not have to check your network connection first or load the batteries to enjoy music at home. Everything you need is put together in a beautiful device and lets you access your favorite music with just one touch.

If you need to load music it takes minutes to drag and drop your library onto the Olive SOUND, and if you choose to stream your services it only takes seconds

your own library

You love music in the best available quality? Store all your high res or CD content from your iTunes collection directly onto the Olive SOUND on an ultra fast SSD drive and manage it thorough by using the beautiful touch screen on top of your Olive SOUND.

streaming services

You prefer the latest Spotify channel or are used to listen to your music stored on your phone/tablet or Amazon Echo? Simply connect it via bluetooth and enjoy perfect sound in your living environment. You can even remotely navigate through your content with our App. 


Internet Radio is the way to go, if you want to enjoy new content out of a huge selection of genres and countries. Just load one of your favorite stations and listen to the latest and greatest from around the world.


Connect directly to your Apple® iPhone®, iPad® or Android portable via Bluetooth. Olive SOUND displays the album, track and artist information on its gorgeous touch- screen, and provides simple playback control. Or use your Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to music.

Olive SOUND features an ultra-fast 802.11n Wi-Fi connection to your network. Don´t believe in wireless? Olive SOUND also comes with Gigabit Ethernet!

Olive SOUND automatically recognizes any music library that is stored on your Mac, PC or NAS, and shared through UPnP in your network. Conveniently swipe and tap your way through your entire music collection.