lifestyle design

high tech audio - beautiful and simple

How simple is that? You choose the right size, we deliver and you plug into power and enjoy. We have designed a lifestyle audio system for you which is beautiful and simple.

Olive SOUND - XL 900


height: 900mm

room size: above 35 sqm


Olive SOUND - L 700


height: 700mm

room size: 15 to 35 sqm


Olive SOUND - M 450


height: 450mm

room size: up to 15 sqm


By combining the Olive Ultra HD player with the customisable Olive 360° speaker we built a new single mode high-fidelity category. Olive SOUND fills your whole room with amazing sound, no matter where it´s placed or where you are sitting. This grants a 3D sound impression. How? We use six tweeters and four woofers, installed omnidirectional in order to let the sound flow into every angle of your room. This is built to complement Olive´s patent-pending Ultra-HD player technology. It is cleaner, more authentic and provides the impression of spacial three dimensionality.


The Olive SOUND speaker comes in different colors and three heights to fill even large rooms with stunning sound no matter where it´s placed or where your are sitting. You still prefer Stereo? No problem, you can easily connect a second Olive SOUND speaker. Within its bottom you find a garage for your power source, on top of it sits your complete audio server, amplifier, management unit with a touchscreen display and no buttons and in-between is just a huge housing for the built-in 10 speaker drivers to breeze sound for your room.